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Our chartered educational psychologists are specialists in assessing the kind of facilities which a child needs to learn successfully. We have an initial telephone consultation with parents, who can choose for us to visit children in their school, to observe them in class and discuss progress with staff; or see them at home.

We work with the child using specially-designed tasks and tests to detect specific difficulties and measure a child’s strengths and weaknesses. We also find out how quickly and easily the child can learn, and what approaches will help.

We then write a full report of our assessment, which includes practical advice for parents and teachers on ways to support the child’s progress.

The whole process usually takes around three hours; but can be more if the child has very complex learning difficulties.

Family Support

We visit the home to meet the family of children and young people with challenging behaviour. Everyone in the family has a point of view, which is important in forming a picture of what is happening. Our skilled staff can then offer appropriate support and help.

After an initial assessment by one of our educational psychologists, we may offer a series of visits to the home to offer support to the family in overcoming the child’s difficulties.

Children’s and Adults’ Mental Health

We offer cognitive behavioural therapy assessments and interventions to address mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, health anxiety, anger, school, exam or work stress, panic attacks, worrying and sleep problems.

Literacy Assessment and Tuition

Visit the website of our sister company, The Reading Shop, for details of an assessment service and classes in the Leicester area for children who need a little extra help in learning to read and spell:

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