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Literacy assessment  An experienced assessor of literacy difficultiesTrainingAn experienced trainer, having researched, planned and deliveredcourses to further the professional development of psychologists/teachers and the skills of parents Social, Emotional & Behavioural AssessmentsExperienced in the assessment and remediation of childrens social, emotional and behavioural needs  CAREER HISTORY2012 - Independent Child Psychology Services Associate 2008 2012 Derby City Educational Psychology Service Educational Psychologist, Senior Practitioner Key responsibilities Managing the Pre-School Behaviour Support Service Parent Coaching Direct work with children Advising schools (FS2), nurseries and other Early Years providers on strategies to meet childrens social, emotional and behavioural needs Developing and implementing training for early years providers on a range of issues including attachment, the development of play and social skills, behavior management Key achievements Developing the Pre-School Behaviour Support Service Developing Functional Assessments for pre-school children Developing a range of interventions to support the needs of pre-school children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties including play based interventions, the use of visual strategies, parent and teacher coaching Establishing Mellow Parenting (an attachment based parenting course) within Derby City 2002 - Present Derby City Educational Psychology Service Educational Psychologist Key responsibilities Individual, group and whole school work carried out with children aged2 - 19, families andschools (primary, secondary and Enhanced Resource)  Key achievements Developing and delivering training on the Learn to Read and Learn to Spell programmes; a direct instruction approach to teaching basic literacy skills Delivering training to teachers on a range of areas including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, moderate learning difficulties; social, emotional and behavioural difficulties Consultation with teachers Developing and delivering parenting courses Supervision of Educational Psychologist in Training Essex Educational Psychology Service 1999-2001 Assistant Educational Psychologist Key Responsibilities Working alongside a number of Educational Psychologists to support their work Using protocols devised by Essex Educational Psychology Service to advise schools on strategies to support children with additional needs Key Achievements Supporting teachers implementing the Early Reading Research EDUCATION 2001 -2002Tavistock Centre2002 1993-1994 1994 Master of Science (Educational Psychology) Keele University Post Graduate Certificate in Education 1990 1993Nottingham University1993Bachelor of Arts(Psychology/Sociology 2:1 Joint Honours)  MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATIONS Health Professions Council Association of Educational Psychologists RESEARCH 2002 Research for Masters dissertation, examining the efficacy of Nurture Groups in promoting inclusion    ABCDEUVGHM\]h   ʷʷʷujjauuuuh`)hH_H h`)hHnH tH hHOJQJ^J_H h'hHOJQJ^J_H  h'hHOJQJ^J_H aJ *h'hH5CJ OJQJ\^J_H aJ $h'hHCJ OJQJ^J_H aJ hHCJ OJQJ^J_H aJ $h'hxCJ OJQJ^J_H aJ $h`)5CJ OJQJ\^J_H aJ &BDEUz`kd$$Ifl))0)2 4 ladT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHd$1$7$8$H$IfgdHUVXZHJLrZrr!dd$If[$\$^!`gdH(dT$1$7$8$H$If^(`gdHdT$1$7$8$H$IfgdH`kd$$Ifl))0)2 4 laLM\ydT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 la\]h dT$1$7$8$H$IfgdH`kd$$Ifl))0)2 4 la   yydT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd2$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 la12yyyydT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 layyyydT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskdj$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 layydT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 la yyydT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 la $ % yiWdT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHdd$If[$\$gdHd$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd>$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 la $ % & 7 8 < g h i t u v z { ̹戀̐k̦\̐I$h'hHCJOJQJ^J_H aJhH5OJQJ\^J_H *hohH5CJOJQJ\^J_H aJhohHOJQJ^J_H *h'hH5CJOJQJ\^J_H aJ$hH5CJOJQJ\^J_H aJ$h'hHCJ OJQJ^J_H aJ h'hHOJQJ^J_H h`)hHnH tH h`)hH_H  h'hHOJQJ^J_H aJ % & ( 7 yydT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 la7 8 @ f g dT$1$7$8$H$IfgdH`kdv$$Ifl))0)2 4 lag h i s t u yyyydT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 lau v yyygd,$1$7$8$H$IfgdHdT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 la V {   S T ;FHXYZ[f3DŲ۠۔۲ۅrŲrrcc۔hH5OJQJ\^J_H $hH5CJOJQJ\^J_H aJhd*hHOJQJ^J_H hHOJQJ^J_H "h'hH5OJQJ\^J_H $h'hHCJOJQJ^J_H aJ*h'hH5CJOJQJ\^J_H aJh'hHOJQJ^J_H *h+ hH5CJOJQJ\^J_H aJ& yycQcd,$1$7$8$H$IfgdHdT$1$7$8$H$If^gdHdT$1$7$8$H$IfgdHskd0$$Ifl0 ) 0)2 4 la + ; 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