Peta Petrou

Chartered Educational Psychologist

BSc (Hons), MSc (Educational Psychology), PGCE, CPsychol





A chartered educational psychologist and trainer, experienced in work with a local authority




Qualified to conduct a range of psychometric tests with children and young people between the ages of 6 and 16


Family consultation

Able to conduct user-friendly family consultation and interventions


Literacy assessment

An experienced assessor of literacy difficulties





2010 – present



Independent Child Psychology Services Ltd




1998 – 2003


Dorset Educational Psychology Service



Educational Psychologist


Key responsibilities


á            Provided a service to children, parents and schools in a geographical area of the county


2002 - 2003

University of Southampton New College


Course Tutor


Key responsibilities


á            Taught Learning Difficulties Module for Learning Support Assistants



2009 - present

University of Southampton


Post Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (ongoing)

1997 - 1998

University of Manchester


Master of Science (Educational Psychology)


La Sainte Union (now New College)


Post Graduate Certificate in Education

1989 - 1991

University of Leicester


Bachelor of Science (Psychology)                                                                 Lower Second Honours




Association of Educational Psychologists

British Psychological Society (Chartered Status)






Research for MasterŐs dissertation, comparing the non-verbal behaviours of mothers and fathers with their three-month-old babies, using microanalysis of video.




An evaluation of the effectiveness of two methods of teaching reading to small groups of children in NCY1, one the equivalent of synthetic phonics, the other a traditional phonic approach.




Evaluation of a model of deploying local authority resources for meeting SEN in mainstream school, using skilled teaching intervention - research funded by the DfES.


1997 - 2006

Doctoral research, interviewing families to elicit their views of their first session of family therapy, transcribing interviews and using discourse analysis to discover how family members viewed themselves in relation to therapy and the therapist.




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