Meg Timlin

Chartered Educational Psychologist

BA (Hons), MEd (Educational Psychology), Diploma in Counselling, CertEd, CPsychol






An educational psychologist with considerable, successful experience in management, in

strategic and systemic work with Local Authorities and schools, and in working for Looked After Children.






Qualified to conduct a range of psychometric tests with children and young adults (6 - 89 years)

Literacy Assessments


An experienced assessor using a range of tools ensuring that appropriate interventions are used to help the child or young person to learn


Consultative Framework


Approaches that encourage collaborative working using everyones expertise



A range of different approaches including Solution Focused work and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy





2006 - present



Independent Educational Psychology Services



Associate Educational Psychologist


Key achievements


                Specialist, strategic  work around Looked After Children in a local authority

                Providing support for staff and students in a local Further Education College





Milton Keynes Psychological Service


Principal Educational Psychologist


Key responsibilities


                Managing a team of 11 Psychologists and associated staff providing a service to children, parents and schools across the area.

                Management of Looked After Children Education Team


Key achievements


                Enabling  Restorative Justice approaches to be introduced in Schools

                Developing SEN policy systems for the LEA including Dyslexia Policy and delegation of funding

                Developing Training on Conciliation skills

                Shared responsibility for CAMHS innovations in Tier 2 team-working




Northamptonshire Psychological Service



Area Team Leader/Senior Educational Psychologist


Key responsibilities


                 Managing a team of 6 Psychologists and 15 specialist teachers and associated staff who provided services for children, parents and schools in the area

                 Organising and administering SEN system for the area, including management of statutory processes


Key achievements


                 Developing Early Years work across the county

                 Organising and providing training for schools and early years settings

                 Leading a working party on Consultation and introducing the approach in the county




Northamptonshire Psychological Service



Educational Psychologist


 Key achievements


                Providing a service for children, parents and schools in a local  area

                As Visual Impairment specialist, developing a county wide policy and mainstream provision for blind children

                Shared responsibility for developing designated special provision in schools, for children with SEN








University of Birmingham



Master of Education (Educational Psychology)




The Open University


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Psychology                                                            First Class Honours





North East London Polytechnic



Diploma in School Counselling




University of Bristol, Cheltenham College



Certificate of Education







A consideration of the professional needs of teachers working in mainstream secondary schools with children who have SEN  (unpublished dissertation)