Lynn Moore

Chartered Educational Psychologist

PhD, BA (Hons), MEd (Educational Psychology), CertEd, AFBPsS, CPsychol





An experienced educational psychologist with considerable and successful experience in management and business skills, in working with organisations at a systems level, and in working therapeutically with families.   Has researched to doctorate level in the field of family therapy. An elected member of Leicester City Council since 2011.





Qualified to conduct a range of psychometric tests with children and young people between the ages of 6 and 16


Dynamic Assessment

An experienced dynamic assessor, able to assess a childŐs learning potential as well as those forms of teaching which will best help a child to learn


Family consultation

Able to conduct user-friendly family consultation and interventions


Literacy assessment

An experienced assessor of literacy difficulties


Discourse analysis

Experienced in the field of qualitative research, with discourse analysis as a primary methodology



An experienced trainer, having researched, planned and delivered many courses to further the professional development of psychologists and teachers



Managing director of three businesses, experienced in managing work teams, in conducting induction and appraisal, and in providing supervision



2011– present Leicester City Council

City Councillor for Knighton Ward


Key achievements


·           Vice Chair of Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Commission 2012

·           Chair of Adult Social Care Scrutiny Commission 2013-4

·           Vice Chair of Audit and Risk Regulatory Committee 2014-5

·           Chair of Children Young Persons and Schools Scrutiny Commission 2015-6

·           Member of Planning Committee since 2011


1993 – present



Independent Child Psychology Services Ltd



Managing Director


Key achievements


á           Founded ICPS in 1993 and built it into a thriving business with a customer base covering several local authorities in the Midlands

á           Formulated and implemented a model for locum educational psychologist practice

á           Accepted post as Principal Educational Psychologist for a new unitary authority in 1997 and was instrumental in devising and implementing authority policy for the education of children with special educational needs.   Conducted research into the effectiveness of skilled teaching intervention as a provision for special educational needs in mainstream school.

á           Devised and taught several professional development courses for local authority officers and teachers around the subject of special educational needs.   The course on ŇHow to Draft a StatementÓ was taken up by 60% of LEA statement drafting officers

á           Was a founder member of the first national group to raise awareness of the use of dynamic assessment by educational psychologists as an assessment tool.  Helped to organise a national conference on the subject.

á           Conducted and published research into effective remediation of delay in acquiring literacy skills at KS1


1986 – 1992


Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service



Senior Educational Psychologist


Key responsibilities


á           Management of a team of 11 educational psychologists, providing a service to children, parents and schools in a third of a large shire county

á           Shared responsibility for drafting statements;  member of statementing and allocation panels

á           Shared responsibility for management of referrals to child and family guidance service;  and pre-school specialist teachers

á           Management of team of educational psychologists, providing a service to schools for children with moderate learning difficulty



Key achievements


á            Conducted an action research project into rates and causes of truancy at a community college


1982 – 1986

Northamptonshire Educational Psychology Service



Educational Psychologist


Key responsibilities


á            Provided a service to children, parents and schools in an area to the north of the county


Key achievements


á            Developed a specialism in the education of children with hearing impairment

á            Was a member of a working party evaluating Direct Instruction as a method of teaching children with special educational needs


1997 - 2006

University of London Birkbeck College and the Tavistock Clinic


PhD (Clinical Child and Family Psychology)

1981 - 1982

University of Birmingham


Master of Education (Educational Psychology)

1976 - 1980

The Open University


Bachelor of Arts  (Psychology)                                                                                First Class Honours

1964 - 1967

Bedford College of Education


Certificate in Education                                                                                                   With distinction




Health Professions Council

Association of Educational Psychologists

British Psychological Society (Chartered Status and Associate Fellow)

Division of Educational and Child Psychologists






Research for MasterŐs dissertation, comparing the non-verbal behaviours of mothers and fathers with their three-month-old babies, using microanalysis of video.




An evaluation of the effectiveness of two methods of teaching reading to small groups of children in NCY1, one the equivalent of synthetic phonics, the other a traditional phonic approach.




Evaluation of a model of deploying local authority resources for meeting SEN in mainstream school, using skilled teaching intervention - research funded by the DfES.


1997 - 2006

Doctoral research, interviewing families to elicit their views of their first session of family therapy, transcribing interviews and using discourse analysis to discover how family members viewed themselves in relation to therapy and the therapist.




Moore, Lynn (1984):  A comparison of the non-verbal behaviours of mothers and fathers with their three-month-old babies, using microanalysis of video    Unpublished dissertation, University of Birmingham


Moore, Lynn (1990):  Soft Systems Methodology as a basis for one day in-service training:  an evaluation    in Frederickson, N. (ed)   Soft Systems Methodology:  Practical Applications in Work with Schools   University College London


Moore, Clarke, Corfield, Edwards, Evans, Farino, Pasternicki, Pratten, Robertson & Wakefield (1993):  A School-based Action Research Project on Truancy   in Educational Psychology in Practice  Volume 8 (4 ) January 1993


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Moore, Lynn and Tansley, Jayne (2002):  An evaluation of structured teaching programmes for reading with Year 1 children in DECP Debate 102  June 2002


Moore, Lynn (2006):  FamiliesŐ Talk about Their First Session of Family Therapy :  A Discursive Analysis Unpublished PhD thesis, University of London


Moore, Lynn and Seu, I. Bruna (2010):  Doing family therapy – a Foucaultian discourse analysis European Journal of Family Therapy and Counselling 12 (4)


Moore, Lynn and Seu, I. Bruna (2011):  Giving Children a Voice; children’s positioning in Family Therapy  Journal of Family Therapy 33 (3)